About the Resilient Regions Association

We approach cities and regions from the perspective of different kinds of flows. If the city is to work and be attractive, the flows need to function in daily life, even when they are subject to torrential rain, heat waves, storms, cold spells and other pressures.

The flows which are vital for society are taken care of by different actors, both public and private. There is no actor in the system who can singlehandedly ensure that the city’s flows of goods, services, money, people, energy and information function. The city’s flows are interdependent, both directly and indirectly. These interdependencies are often critical for society’s ability to maintain its functions at the necessary and expected level. Development work must therefore be done through collaboration between the system’s actors.

The Resilient Regions Association offers a neutral arena where the business sector, academia, municipalities and government agencies can meet in order to solve this kind of regional challenge. Together we develop more resilient regions with robust functions and floods – a society with the ability to quickly overcome and recover from societal pressures.

As a member of the Resilient Regions Association, you will obtain access to current research, international exchanges of knowledge and “best practice”, via seminars, conferences, breakfast meetings, members’ training courses, workshops and study visits.

During 2014 we will launch Resilient Communities, a concept with a focus on the processes which steer the development of effective and smart societal flows in daily life. The aim is to create smart and sustainable city development together.

The Resilient Regions Association was created on the initiative of E.ON, the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten), the insurance company If, Lund University, Skåne Regional Council (Region Skåne) and Saab. Today there are many more members, as resilience in flows which are vital for society are becoming more important, both for a city’s attractiveness and for its ability to attract talent, capital, tourists and important investments.

For membership and the ability to take part in joint developmental work, contact Magnus Qvant, Secretary General, Resilient Regions Association.

Phone: +46 (0)768-33 45 45 Email: magnus.qvant@resilientregions.org.

For questions and other contact information, go to “Personnel” via the link in the left menu.