Resilient Regions Communities

A Resilient Regions Community is a community which works with partners to develop new knowledge, new solutions and to follow ”best practice” with a focus on a region’s functionality, attractiveness, effectiveness and resistance to pressures.

The driving force in developing attractive, effective and resistant regions is found in regional actors with a direct interest in, responsibility for and clear needs connected to a specific place or a specific area. There is a strong need for a neutral arena in which to work with the challenges for resilient cities and regions and to develop new knowledge, as well as to adapt and make accessible existing knowledge about the resilience of our cities and regions.

In a Resilient Regions Community, people, organisations, companies and government agencies meet around the common interest of making cities or regions better equipped to survive pressures in important operations and flows.

Actors (municipalities, businesses and others) in a city or region cooperate and obtain a mutual picture of how important societal functions and flows work and interconnect. They also develop knowledge about how important or critical these flows and dependencies are under various conditions. This mutual knowledge forms the basis for decisions and actions to improve the city or region’s resilience. Decisions and actions can entail the start of research and development projects, the testing or implementation of new technology or the generation of new solutions.

”A Resilient Regions Community grows, develops and flourishes through the integration of knowledge, technology and human involvement. Information and resources are moved easily and simply from where they are to where they are most needed.”