Membership – a competitive advantage with opportunities

Those organisations who don’t continually strive for improvement, soon cease to be good. For cities and regions which want to attract talent, capital, tourists and important investments, the deciding factor in maintaining attractiveness is the ability to withstand pressures.

The Resilient Regions Association offers a neutral arena where the business sector, academia, municipalities and government agencies meet to solve these kinds of regional challenges. Together we build more resilient regions with robust functions and flows: a society with the ability to quickly overcome and recover from societal pressures.

As a member you gain access to:

  • An arena and a network for initiating and facilitating projects, innovations and the effectivisation of society’s flows.
  • New knowledge and new experiences via seminars, conferences, breakfast meetings, members’ training courses, workshops and study visits.
  • Regional developmental projects. The point of departure is everything from local to global challenges as well as climate and weather changes, food security and smart cities.
  • Monitoring of the external environment, international knowledge exchanges, current research, ”best practice” and exclusive cooperation in various innovation projects.

The focus for our work is citizens and social benefit. Our goal is an attractive, smart and sustainable development of cities and regions.

Resilient Communities

Resilient Communities are regional platforms and cooperation around a specific region’s functionality, attractiveness, effectiveness and resilience to societal pressures.

A resilient community can be started up in any region or larger city. The concept has been developed by the Resilient Regions Association and focuses on processes which steer the development of effective and smart societal flows in daily life.

The Resilient Community Skåne started in the spring of 2014 as part of the work to make Skåne/Scania Europe’s most innovative region by 2020. The target group are system-controlling actors in the region: municipalities of Skåne county, Skåne Regional Council (Region Skåne), The Country Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen), private companies, researchers and others who want to work with the challenges of creating world class quality of life through a resilient, smart and attractive Öresund Region.

During 2014 the Resilient Community concept will be spread to other regions and larger cities in Sweden.

To become a member and take part in the communal developmental work, contact Magnus Qvant, CEO/Secretary General, Resilient Regions Association.

Phone: +46 (0)768-33 45 45. Email:

For questions and other contact information, go to ”Contact us” via the link in the left column.